Good idea

We recently had a comment that asked us to post some of thoughts, plans, ambitions, stories, ect… so I think I’l try to post some of this stuff in the next couple weeks.

We are racing at Hoogerheide, Netherlands this afternoon.  Tasha has one foot out the door and is leaving with the Brits in the camper.  I leave in a few hours as I’m up a little later.  We went to pre ride the course earlier in the week but it was “verboden”…right sounds like sounds like forbidden.  It’s raining lightly right now, so it’s gonna be really heavy day.

Last time we were in Hoogerheide we were completely cracked, one of the dangers of being in Europe is that you spend so much time here, lots of people in a house, the easiest thing to do is eat your way out of misery. But the theme for this year, keep things normal. Just do like we do at home.  I don’t eat crepes or nutella at  home, so why should I do it here? Pretty simple. Which has us going into this  week feeling normal.

Sounds so easy, just keep the routine.  I also have this really great capability of doing all the right training , feeling good and then just pushing a little too hard and coming up on race day  2% off my top shelf level.

The hardest thing this week was to just chill, I wanted to go do a huge barn burner ride on Wednesday…but I just erred on the less is more principle. So we’ll see if pulling the reins a little allows me to do a ride that I am happy with.  After all it’s really hard to come here and put objective criteria on your goals, like “top 20” cause you could ride really well and come 40th…so we’ve done the work, the first race jitter is out the way, now we get to let it hang a little more today.


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Pont Chateau Pics

A huge thanks to Luc, Nagels and Johnny for the pics.  They are Kevin Pawels supporters, but also support the Canadians and the brits.  

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Pontchateau World Cup

Ah so nice to have high speed internet that is actually fast.

So the WC yesterday went well. The first race off the plane is always a bit of a shock to the system, could have maybe done some motor pacing to get that feeling, I’m just not sure if any motor cycles can actually go that fast.

Natasha finished 18th, after a false start she missed her pedal twice and rode her way up after a slower than usual start to her race.  I know it will come together for her. She needed a race to get going.

I started off ok, but got lulled into thinking that I was placed, till I saw no one else behind me.  But the course was super fast so it was a little bit like a road race. I saw that we were only 14seconds down after the first lap, from the leaders, so I just kept on riding hard.  I would have just needed to be one group up the road on the irst lap and I think it would have made a significant difference as well, as my lap time were pretty consistent and easier said that done but I needed to go about 5 seconds faster per lap.

The engine was good, and even though the  Colnago is sick, I was a little tense and needed to be a bit smoother and just let the bike go here and there. It’s a little higher up off the ground and at “race pace” it’s enough to make your eyes pop out out of the sockets. But there were definitely some really great moments, were I was pushing hard and the bike was going fast…but obviously not fast enough.

It’s my best World Cup placing (37th) to date and most likely the best ride I’ve had in Europe, so it’s a step in the right direction.  I was in a group of about 6 guys after about the third lap and it was fun to race.  I think we did the new colors proud and I really feel a lot of good energy from the choices we have made.  I know 37th doesn’t sound that impressive on paper, but it’s all relative.

It’s great to see the C’dale put in some solid riding, it proves that it is possible for me as well, I’m happy for them.  Well happy for them, as I know that it pumps me up to want to ride my bike faster, and hopefully pumps the other Canuks to do the same.

Luc took some good pics so hopefully we can post those a little later.




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ET oui, c’est bien!

Ah que j’aime la France!  C’est bien parceque  j’ai fait ma formation au secondaire en Francais.

Le parcours de demain est excelent.

On fait le petit souper dans la chambre encore, mais c’est bien.

A demain les amis.

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follow us

SO while we are away “we’ll write home everyday, and share all my lovin with you…all my lovin’ I will give to you” (copy right the Beatles) ok maybe not everyday but we’ll be pluggin away on the twitter.

So make sure to follow us on twitter as it’s an even better waste of time than facebook,



We need to hit 1000 follwers to make our sponsors happy…ok that’s not true, but we would love your support and we’ll keep it funny.

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Excited? Shit yah. What’s been going on? Lots! Why am I talking to myself…not sure.

In a few days we’ll be in Belgium, not for too long, cause were headed to France the day after.  Everytime Tash and I talk about France, we say France in your Pants”…mow it gets better as we are headed to Pont Chateau which is close to Nantes…so ipso facto the slogan for the week is “Nantes in your pants”.

My job, bike packing, bike fixing, tire gluing, tool sorting out…Tasha’s on the go to bank, go to Ottawa to pick up stuff, get supplements, and above all else list making.

Euro trip will consist of World Cup in France Sunday, Hoogerheide WC the next Sunday and Worlds in Germany the next Sunday.

If you are interested in watching, you can get the feeds of the mens races on and, but they only show the mens elite.  If you wanna see the beloften and the dames, you’ll have to shell out 20$ for a yearly subscription to…make sure to get the right package.

I was going to spill the beans on the new team and sponsors and stuff, but the press release will soon be out…all I can say though is our new Colnago’s are coughing…what? Yeah cause they are SICK..or like we say in French MA-LADE.  Sick, Slick, I just don’t know, I have no words…insane…I just didn’t know it was possible to have such emotions for a bike.  OK, I gotta go ride it.



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Thanks, to Marc at the Total Cyclery for letting hold the spin-a-thon.  It ended a little early as we only filled up the first few classes, but we were super happy with turn in Cwall.  Holidays and such it is still possible to donate as there is a donation box at the store located at 231 Pitt street in Cornwall as spin classes start this week at Total Cyclery, call 613-938-8585 to book.

Hey, If you’ve missed the spin-a-thon, and you still want to donate to help us get to Germany this year, it’s not too late.

Any donation of 10$ or more gets you a free turbocranks software.

We will send it you via email. It’s awesome for winter training.

We’ve made it easy as we have a pay pal account set up. Or check by mail also works.

It takes about 30 seconds for pay pal simply click here.

Select, “send money online

enter the amount, click “sending to friends”  and enter ““(make sure to spell it correctly please) as the recipient and voila.


Thanks in advance for all the support!

D and N

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