Almonte Roubaix

Well it’s been a while. Since we’ve posted, not really into these days, posting that is. We’ve been back at work and we had a temporary living arrangement that lets just say “didn’t work out”. For the next month we are house sitting for some freinds…we’ve been here a few days and it’s great. We move into our new place MAy 15th which will be a nice change as well.

I’ve been pursing some other career options, and I actually received the news on Thursday that I was selected for a job at Ottawa Public Health.  It was a very hard interview, so good to know that my nursing spider senses are up and running at full capacity once again.

We’ve had lots going on behind the scenes and Natasha will be riding for Re:Form/Cycle Power womens team here in Ottawa. She met with the girls today and I think the girls will get along well, it sounds like a good group.

Other than that started racing, our team won last week and today we won again so that was good. Aaron won last week and I won today.

So that’s off to a good start. Haven’t really been the picture of a regimented bike racer lately as I ‘ve had to work alot, so I put training on the back burner…but when I did train it was often 150 or 200km hard rides, that would make me want to puke…but as a caveat to that I was training really hard up until Worlds in January so I think things just worked themselves out.

If you are interested in reading about the race, I ll put a link once Glen puts it on the Ride with Rendall  site.


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