So, one week ago we were still in Europe and had just raced the world championships.  Even though it was only a week ago, it feels so long ago.  I thought now was a great time to write a post about what we have been up to in the last week.

Not only that, the way back the jet lag has been much harder to deal with.  I’m writing this post in hopes that I can make it past 9 pm tonight.  I don’t get it, I’m not training as much and I feel cranky and tired and all I want to do is ride my bike.  We did however go for a nice snow shoe this morning in Cornwall.  It was awesome, managed to do over 12km in fresh snow.  I let Derrick lead the way as this morning he asked before the snow shoe if it would be alright to listen to his MP3 player while we were out.  Shocked, I said, go for it and you can break the trails ahead while you listen to it.  I couldn’t see his face as we ran a brisk pace but he said it was so hard and he slobber all over himself.  After we did one 5km loop and he made the trail, game was on and I took to front with his dead legs and pushed the pace until he gave the yell of mercy to slow down.  Ha, ha it was pretty funny, serves him right for being so ignorant!  What I didn’t plan on after that lap was for Derrick to say lets do one more.

So two weeks off of official training and this is what we have chosen to do.  Snowshoe each other into the ground.  Hopefully this doesn’t hamper our cycling muscles cause right now ever thing hurts.  Needless to say I think I will be glad to be riding my bike again.

Next mission for us is moving back to O-town.  Our lease is up on the 15th and so is pretty much our money.  So back to the sacrificing of certain things and also back to probably annoying our in-laws/parents.  We are both very grateful to have such a caring family around us, to help carry our dreams out.  With the move, both of us will be taking a slightly lower key approach to racing during the summer as we’ll be racing locally with our new team (RWR) and working as well.  This way we hope to be ready to rock it for cyclo cross next fall.  Plans are to go into the season on a full tank and be able to go across the pod much earlier in the season (I’m thinking in late November).

That’s where we are at.  Even though we have two weeks off, it never fails to be super busy.  Between moving and starting at work again, I’m not sure what worries us more.  I’m hoping I remember everything at work in that once I sit down at the computer my fingers will just remember all the passwords and whatnot.  Even more importantly, I hoping Derrick remembers how to be a nurse.


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One Response to Downtime

  1. jac says:

    Lived a dream!

    it ain’t easy biking full time. I know many who lost it all…

    its a very very tough life. Yah really really gotta like the sport.

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