World Champs

So, I’ll cut to it. It was awesome to be able to do this race, but it sucked to have some dude crash in front of me in the first minute of the race, cause it was basically over…our group lost contact, and I landed pretty hard, was really frazelled, crashed once more on route to the pit…and although I gave it that 110% effort, it wasn’t enough.

Good thing about experience is you can use it to get through tough sittuations, bad thing is your brain is in contact with reality and you know you are dead meat.

Hey, not the end of the World, we tried a bit of a different approach, gave 110% to my prep leading into this, it just wasn’t good enough.  I’l have to structure my season a alot different to be able to ride like I want to. But, let me tell you that days like yesterday make me want to tear the pedals off the crank when things are going right, so it’s that fire that fuels me to go off the front in a crit or bridge a gap, you remember experiences like that, even if they are bad, you take from that and build it into a positive, a win, motivation, experience, whatever, but it all adds up to make that at some point down the road, that bad day contributes to a glorious one…

Tasha was en route to a really great ride, and she somehow had 1 flat in warm up, 2 flats in the race, ran the last lap and finished 31st.  She was excited about the possibility of what will happen when lady luck is on our side and not putting thorns in our wheels, haha.

Wicked attittude on her part, she didn’t complain, took it for what it is, used it as things to work on for next year.  I saw a bit of her race and she was looking good, so I know it’s just a matter of time before she gets that ride that she’s capable of doing.

Season done, bikes are almost packed, weather at home looks cold, but it’s ok. I’ll be Nursing it up for a bit, as long as they recognize me at SHCHC…it’ll be good to take a break from any kind of cycling for a bit, I think the plan is snowshoe for a month.

Thanks to everyone for all the support, kind words, it means alot.




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