Germany today!

So Derrick and I will hop in the van with Craig and Shaun later this morning to drive to Germany where the World Champs will be.  Saturday will be the Jnrs., Canada’s got 3 stand out riders in that race with Ben, Yohan, and Karl.  Then Sunday will be Craig, Derrick and I.

Best advice I haven’t gotten over this year through our journey is to keep things normal leading in to big races.  In the past I would write down on the blog the goal I want out of the race, but now I have come to realize that it’s best kept secret between myself and maybe Derrick if he is lucky.

If all goes well I let you know what it was on Monday.  But most of all I’m pretty excited to be racing my bike again and get this opportunity to race for Canada at the World Champs.  No matter what happens in the race, if I feel like I dug into the pain cave deep enough and have spit and snot all over my face while racing, then after the race at the finish line there will be a slight grin in my messed up state.  The effort I will be looking for is the same effort I had at day 1 at the USGP in Kentucky this past October.  If you get a chance, just watch that day and fast forward to the 5 seconds after I cross the finish line.  I was wrecked and on the ground with dust all over my face, I think I was even saying wierd things in a dilarous state.  That race was the hardest I have ever gone during racing and the result speaks for it.  If I could have a repeat of that effort again that would be fantastic.

Derrick and I will post a few more times before World’s but try and keep things normal as much as we can.  We’ll update you on what Germany is like, what the course is like and any other random stuff.

Now I must go pack…………wondering how much warm clothes I will need and what undershirts to bring.



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