Good idea

We recently had a comment that asked us to post some of thoughts, plans, ambitions, stories, ect… so I think I’l try to post some of this stuff in the next couple weeks.

We are racing at Hoogerheide, Netherlands this afternoon.  Tasha has one foot out the door and is leaving with the Brits in the camper.  I leave in a few hours as I’m up a little later.  We went to pre ride the course earlier in the week but it was “verboden”…right sounds like sounds like forbidden.  It’s raining lightly right now, so it’s gonna be really heavy day.

Last time we were in Hoogerheide we were completely cracked, one of the dangers of being in Europe is that you spend so much time here, lots of people in a house, the easiest thing to do is eat your way out of misery. But the theme for this year, keep things normal. Just do like we do at home.  I don’t eat crepes or nutella at  home, so why should I do it here? Pretty simple. Which has us going into this  week feeling normal.

Sounds so easy, just keep the routine.  I also have this really great capability of doing all the right training , feeling good and then just pushing a little too hard and coming up on race day  2% off my top shelf level.

The hardest thing this week was to just chill, I wanted to go do a huge barn burner ride on Wednesday…but I just erred on the less is more principle. So we’ll see if pulling the reins a little allows me to do a ride that I am happy with.  After all it’s really hard to come here and put objective criteria on your goals, like “top 20” cause you could ride really well and come 40th…so we’ve done the work, the first race jitter is out the way, now we get to let it hang a little more today.



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