Pontchateau World Cup

Ah so nice to have high speed internet that is actually fast.

So the WC yesterday went well. The first race off the plane is always a bit of a shock to the system, could have maybe done some motor pacing to get that feeling, I’m just not sure if any motor cycles can actually go that fast.

Natasha finished 18th, after a false start she missed her pedal twice and rode her way up after a slower than usual start to her race.  I know it will come together for her. She needed a race to get going.

I started off ok, but got lulled into thinking that I was placed, till I saw no one else behind me.  But the course was super fast so it was a little bit like a road race. I saw that we were only 14seconds down after the first lap, from the leaders, so I just kept on riding hard.  I would have just needed to be one group up the road on the irst lap and I think it would have made a significant difference as well, as my lap time were pretty consistent and easier said that done but I needed to go about 5 seconds faster per lap.

The engine was good, and even though the  Colnago is sick, I was a little tense and needed to be a bit smoother and just let the bike go here and there. It’s a little higher up off the ground and at “race pace” it’s enough to make your eyes pop out out of the sockets. But there were definitely some really great moments, were I was pushing hard and the bike was going fast…but obviously not fast enough.

It’s my best World Cup placing (37th) to date and most likely the best ride I’ve had in Europe, so it’s a step in the right direction.  I was in a group of about 6 guys after about the third lap and it was fun to race.  I think we did the new colors proud and I really feel a lot of good energy from the choices we have made.  I know 37th doesn’t sound that impressive on paper, but it’s all relative.

It’s great to see the C’dale put in some solid riding, it proves that it is possible for me as well, I’m happy for them.  Well happy for them, as I know that it pumps me up to want to ride my bike faster, and hopefully pumps the other Canuks to do the same.

Luc took some good pics so hopefully we can post those a little later.





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One Response to Pontchateau World Cup

  1. Christian B. says:

    Great job Derrick and Nathasha…it’s was minus 25 degrees here in Cornwall this morning, a decent snow dump over the weekend so you’re not missing anything back home. Keep the posts coming!

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