Pont Chateau Pics

A huge thanks to Luc, Nagels and Johnny for the pics.  They are Kevin Pawels supporters, but also support the Canadians and the brits.  


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Dynamic duo
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4 Responses to Pont Chateau Pics

  1. Nagels ludo says:


    The name under the photos isn’t correct. It’s NAGELS instead of Negels.

    But i’m glad to see that you like the photos.

    Hope to see you again!


  2. Joe McNamara says:

    Nice job both of you. I was watching.

    Is that a Turbo Crank sticker I see on your frame? Cool.

    Give ’em hell next race!

  3. none says:

    how about an overview of how far you folks have gotten, overall plans, where yah wanta be in a year etc…

    defeats, struggles, just down right craziness

    wins, gains, successes, fantastic times

    list’m out less us read!

  4. Joe McNamara says:

    Hey Nagels, any way I can get some high res photos of Derrick and Natasha? I want to do some hero cards for them. Maybe they can motivate some future cyclocrossers.

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