Excited? Shit yah. What’s been going on? Lots! Why am I talking to myself…not sure.

In a few days we’ll be in Belgium, not for too long, cause were headed to France the day after.  Everytime Tash and I talk about France, we say France in your Pants”…mow it gets better as we are headed to Pont Chateau which is close to Nantes…so ipso facto the slogan for the week is “Nantes in your pants”.

My job, bike packing, bike fixing, tire gluing, tool sorting out…Tasha’s on the go to bank, go to Ottawa to pick up stuff, get supplements, and above all else list making.

Euro trip will consist of World Cup in France Sunday, Hoogerheide WC the next Sunday and Worlds in Germany the next Sunday.

If you are interested in watching, you can get the feeds of the mens races on cyclingfans.com and procyclinglive.com, but they only show the mens elite.  If you wanna see the beloften and the dames, you’ll have to shell out 20$ for a yearly subscription to cycling.tv…make sure to get the right package.

I was going to spill the beans on the new team and sponsors and stuff, but the press release will soon be out…all I can say though is our new Colnago’s are coughing…what? Yeah cause they are SICK..or like we say in French MA-LADE.  Sick, Slick, I just don’t know, I have no words…insane…I just didn’t know it was possible to have such emotions for a bike.  OK, I gotta go ride it.




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