It’s official

No we didn’t get married, that’s still in the works, but we did both qualify to race Worlds in St Wendel Germany for cyclo cross Jan. 30, 2011.

Good news is we were kind of anticipating this so we have been pre-sorting out details and doing super secret training. Some of the training isn’t that secret I guess, cause if you drive by our house, we snowshoed out a course in our yard(we live in the country) through the snow, which we have been riding and riding and riding to replicate conditions in Europe…so we’ll see how that goes….

Bad news is it is costing a small fortune 1300$ each just for that race, plus airfare…I know it’s crazy, but that is out of our control, so we are going to try and raise some money to ease the burden.

My friend Marc Dubuc, who owns Total Cyclery and Sport located at 231 Pitt st in Cornwall, has graciously allowed us to conduct a super spinathon, Sunday January 2nd, starting at 9 am, with classes lasting one hour, every 90 minutes till 430-530pm.  I’ve already been making some great playlists, and the Espresso machine is coming along so everyone will be just as caffeinated as me, and we’ll start burning some of the X mas turkey calories off.

If you are interested, you can book at 613-938-8585 or email  There will be a limited 10 spots per class, so book now to get the time slot of your choice!

If you can’t make it to the class, well we have set up pay pal account.  It’s easy to donate, just send Natasha an email at and she will send you the directions back using her paypal account.  When you donate, I ‘m trying to figure away to send you the playlists I have made for training and teaching these classes, so at least you get a little something out of it.

Thanks in advance to everyone,




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