made it

SO I made it through the month with the lip fur. Now it’s gone.

SO we have come up with some money making ideas.

Bike Mail. We sell this service where we replace all the millions of mail trucks in the World with Bike trucks, and then when you need your bike somewhere you just call bike mail….they pick up your bike, deliver it to your destination and voila it’s done.  It saves you paying bike fees on the plane and packing your car with your bike.

Ok…well how about http://www.pithelp.comm  no it’s not arm pit help…we contact all the bike shops in the world, then we hire a fleet of mechanics from all the bike shops in every city with cross races, then you the racer, call us up, we hook you up with the mechanic and boom it’s done.  Your bike is clean your racing like a rock star and are pockets are so full of money we have to give it poor people cause we’re just too rich. Yup, that rich, then we don’t have to beg for money.

So, I must have seriously inhaled some diesel fumes cleaning the chains, cause I almost thought that was funny.


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One Response to made it

  1. jac says:

    just do like everyone else in your shoes – coach!

    there is always a need for coaching from one to one to on line… the biggest gains found from on line coaching.

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