car stories

Crazy to think that Tash and I spend so much time in the car. Nuts really.  Most of the time the radio isn’t even on, it’s just talking. If you ever want to get to know someone,spend some time in the car them. I feel like I know her pretty well now.  Haha.

I think this week I ‘m going to invest some time into my new invention.  As my work on the cycling teleporter has almost came to halt(this is the device that allows you to sign up for a race on bike reg and instantaneously be teleported to that race for a small additional fee).  My new device is called the enthusiasm container.  What is this you may ask, well it’s  a device that once you have a good ride, podium or win, the enthusiasm from this moment is placed in a  container to allow you sleep better until you have an off day…just get the container out, add a few beers and voila it’s like you’ve just won the Tour.  I know it’s pretty clever, I’ve got the patent pending right now, I’m told it is somewhere between the “Phil Cortes TT helmet box turned into wet shoe drying box by placing a hair dryer inside one end” and one of LG’s Tri shoes.

I think the problem with Phil’s was something to do about the name, I’m told it was worse than www.derrickandnatashathedynamicduo.sometimesderrickraceslikeasquirellookingforhisnuts


So if you ever wonder what goes through my mind here it is a narrated version of one hour race report from yesterday…

Pre ride…roll rear tire 12 minutes before start of race. Where the hell is NAtasha…take her wheels, second call to staging…shit.

Slow start, go way too fat on downhill, crash hard, very hard. Get up, ut oh, chain twisted mess, can’t move wheel, derailer looks broken, pick up bike start running….running…running…this ain’t that bad…getting passed, run faster, still getting passed , ok run fastest, still getting passed, faster, legs I said faster, ut oh…I’m in last…running…running…man this ground is frozen….there is the pit it’s so close…I can see it I would just have to jump over this piece of tape…stop it…keep running…man running with a bike as fast as you can is not like riddding a bike as fast as you can. Put the bike down…try running holding rear tire off ground…ok this is not working…running….running where the hell is everybody…man I wonder if I can fix this…tic toc tic toc tic toc…chain must have been twisted by some little crash sailor boy scout  that secretly know how to make a tripple  knott with it, ok got it…ok time to ride hard (understatement of the year).  Pedal to the metal..riding…ok, not bad making time, suffer suffer suffer pit bike cause it didn’t feel right ok, no one in the pit, look for bike, no problem, switch bikes …jump back on bike,  ok this is under control this shit happens in Europe you crash and your out the back just ride hard, ride hard ride hard, ok making ground….roll rear tubular…now block your ears, actually I just whispered “you’ve got to be kidding me” get off bike once more, fix tire, ride the section where I crashed with unglued tire…scetch…go to the pit where did I put that bike…there it is…grab bike…ride hard ride hard catch guys, catch guys, done finally. Thank you Jesus.

Thought for about 5 seconds of quitting, but I didn’t really have any other plans yesterday afternoon, so might as well ride.  Now if that was Saturday, different story.



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