Movember racing

So November has been Movemeber for me…point being it’s never too late to donate I donated my face and not kissing Tash as she thinks I look like a fool…but I have to say that since I trimmed the stash and it’s more classic looking, I don’t mind it anymore, kind of like it…it’s very Brett Butler Gone with Wind.  All I want to do is say “frankly my dear I don’t give a damn”.

Good day for us today in Mass, Tasha got second by a wheel and most aggressive rider award after being on the front and attacking all race.  I rode my way to second, not quite in the same way, after a little misfortune to the guys ahead of me, but I managed to snag the most aggressive rider as well..added with some nice crisp fall weather, great course, nice day.

Last year at this time our season was done, we were shattered, and sick, and tiered and “busted” big time.  But I have  brand new pair of T Flex shoes, so I gotta race.  I think the T stands for Tasha…haha.

Other than that, I think our new website is kinda hot, and now we have heat in our house, I’m makin nice fires in the wood stove, if our neighbor can just smoke outside we will be fantastic.

Oh snap I almost forgot we got Tasha’s beers today, 3 huge bottles of 9.6%, from John Harvard’s ( and Rob Bauer the photographer (  Maybe someone will use these to fuel the Patch Adams award in a few weeks at The Cyclery christmas/Kiwi’s goodbye party! That’s probably the only Ottawa trophy I don t want my name on…but then again a win is a win.



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