So this morning as I made my second cup of coffee from our espresso machine, Derrick had the microwave going and boom everything turned off.  Normally this wouldn’t be a problem as most people would have a circuit board they could go reset.  But the fuse box is next door so we had to call the people we rent form, they call the guy that lives next door, so it takes a day to get the microwave going again.

So what else is new, yesterday I got a gift from my awesome physio Christian.  Active Sport Physiotherapy Clinic) Christian has been helping me out for over a year now with a reoccurring leg/butt issue.  He’s super great and while I was sick last year he was the guy that wanted me to get more help.  He knew something was wrong as all his treatment would not help my sciatic nerve problem last year.  This year I still see him and he continues his support with me by treating a problem that is bound to give me some grief from long hours spent in the car travelling.  He also gets to hear the good and the bad of our race weekends and I think Derrick and I always bring a smile to his face.  He seems to have my issues in somewhat control this year with nagging pain/numbness only happening every once in a while.  Yesterday he gave a stim machine as a present so when I’m off travelling the world racing, I can give myself some therapy.  I thought about putting the electrodes on to Derrick’s head while he was sleeping to see what effect they would have and if they would work as mental therapy.

Other happenings, did the OBC race last weekend and Glen’s RWR races 2 weeks ago.  They were both awesome races.  Glen’s day 1 course suited me perfectly.  Fast, flat and lots of tight corners, things that I like when you can push the limits and get faster on the course lap after lap not necessarily going hard but just using the brakes less.  I find courses like this, you are not necessarily going to win by a lot but you can really lose a lot of seconds corner after corner if you are on the brakes.

The obc race in Renfrew was again a really neat course.  Doing the Men’s race was awesome and at first after the first lap I thought I was going to be surrounded by the Tall Tree Cycles team and wacked around by them.  Oddly enough there was more people around me in this race than any other race this year and I didn’t get one elbow given or taken from me.  I got stuck behind a little the first lap, but then settled in and was able to race hard for about 48 minutes and then I fell apart a little bit, I needed a little more corners and a little less straight aways to hang on and beat a few more guys.  I haven’t seen any pictures from the race but the one below.  Warren looks like a crime scene body outline on the ground.  That hill was pretty cool, I was able to make it up 7 out of 7, but once got a little push from a spectator and then stalled but managed to get out of it on another lap.renfrew2

Going out in a minute for the second ride of the day, some dismounts and remounts at grey’s creek should be fun in -6 degree weather.

Derrick just shaved off part of his facial hair, we are down to a mustache only now, he says it is more French.  Do you think this will last until December 1st?  Vote on the poll at the bottom of the page.



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