Almonte Roubaix

Well it’s been a while. Since we’ve posted, not really into these days, posting that is. We’ve been back at work and we had a temporary living arrangement that lets just say “didn’t work out”. For the next month we are house sitting for some freinds…we’ve been here a few days and it’s great. We move into our new place MAy 15th which will be a nice change as well.

I’ve been pursing some other career options, and I actually received the news on Thursday that I was selected for a job at Ottawa Public Health.  It was a very hard interview, so good to know that my nursing spider senses are up and running at full capacity once again.

We’ve had lots going on behind the scenes and Natasha will be riding for Re:Form/Cycle Power womens team here in Ottawa. She met with the girls today and I think the girls will get along well, it sounds like a good group.

Other than that started racing, our team won last week and today we won again so that was good. Aaron won last week and I won today.

So that’s off to a good start. Haven’t really been the picture of a regimented bike racer lately as I ‘ve had to work alot, so I put training on the back burner…but when I did train it was often 150 or 200km hard rides, that would make me want to puke…but as a caveat to that I was training really hard up until Worlds in January so I think things just worked themselves out.

If you are interested in reading about the race, I ll put a link once Glen puts it on the Ride with Rendall  site.

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So, one week ago we were still in Europe and had just raced the world championships.  Even though it was only a week ago, it feels so long ago.  I thought now was a great time to write a post about what we have been up to in the last week.

Not only that, the way back the jet lag has been much harder to deal with.  I’m writing this post in hopes that I can make it past 9 pm tonight.  I don’t get it, I’m not training as much and I feel cranky and tired and all I want to do is ride my bike.  We did however go for a nice snow shoe this morning in Cornwall.  It was awesome, managed to do over 12km in fresh snow.  I let Derrick lead the way as this morning he asked before the snow shoe if it would be alright to listen to his MP3 player while we were out.  Shocked, I said, go for it and you can break the trails ahead while you listen to it.  I couldn’t see his face as we ran a brisk pace but he said it was so hard and he slobber all over himself.  After we did one 5km loop and he made the trail, game was on and I took to front with his dead legs and pushed the pace until he gave the yell of mercy to slow down.  Ha, ha it was pretty funny, serves him right for being so ignorant!  What I didn’t plan on after that lap was for Derrick to say lets do one more.

So two weeks off of official training and this is what we have chosen to do.  Snowshoe each other into the ground.  Hopefully this doesn’t hamper our cycling muscles cause right now ever thing hurts.  Needless to say I think I will be glad to be riding my bike again.

Next mission for us is moving back to O-town.  Our lease is up on the 15th and so is pretty much our money.  So back to the sacrificing of certain things and also back to probably annoying our in-laws/parents.  We are both very grateful to have such a caring family around us, to help carry our dreams out.  With the move, both of us will be taking a slightly lower key approach to racing during the summer as we’ll be racing locally with our new team (RWR) and working as well.  This way we hope to be ready to rock it for cyclo cross next fall.  Plans are to go into the season on a full tank and be able to go across the pod much earlier in the season (I’m thinking in late November).

That’s where we are at.  Even though we have two weeks off, it never fails to be super busy.  Between moving and starting at work again, I’m not sure what worries us more.  I’m hoping I remember everything at work in that once I sit down at the computer my fingers will just remember all the passwords and whatnot.  Even more importantly, I hoping Derrick remembers how to be a nurse.

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WC pics

it was just that kind of day

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World Champs

So, I’ll cut to it. It was awesome to be able to do this race, but it sucked to have some dude crash in front of me in the first minute of the race, cause it was basically over…our group lost contact, and I landed pretty hard, was really frazelled, crashed once more on route to the pit…and although I gave it that 110% effort, it wasn’t enough.

Good thing about experience is you can use it to get through tough sittuations, bad thing is your brain is in contact with reality and you know you are dead meat.

Hey, not the end of the World, we tried a bit of a different approach, gave 110% to my prep leading into this, it just wasn’t good enough.  I’l have to structure my season a alot different to be able to ride like I want to. But, let me tell you that days like yesterday make me want to tear the pedals off the crank when things are going right, so it’s that fire that fuels me to go off the front in a crit or bridge a gap, you remember experiences like that, even if they are bad, you take from that and build it into a positive, a win, motivation, experience, whatever, but it all adds up to make that at some point down the road, that bad day contributes to a glorious one…

Tasha was en route to a really great ride, and she somehow had 1 flat in warm up, 2 flats in the race, ran the last lap and finished 31st.  She was excited about the possibility of what will happen when lady luck is on our side and not putting thorns in our wheels, haha.

Wicked attittude on her part, she didn’t complain, took it for what it is, used it as things to work on for next year.  I saw a bit of her race and she was looking good, so I know it’s just a matter of time before she gets that ride that she’s capable of doing.

Season done, bikes are almost packed, weather at home looks cold, but it’s ok. I’ll be Nursing it up for a bit, as long as they recognize me at SHCHC…it’ll be good to take a break from any kind of cycling for a bit, I think the plan is snowshoe for a month.

Thanks to everyone for all the support, kind words, it means alot.



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Germany today!

So Derrick and I will hop in the van with Craig and Shaun later this morning to drive to Germany where the World Champs will be.  Saturday will be the Jnrs., Canada’s got 3 stand out riders in that race with Ben, Yohan, and Karl.  Then Sunday will be Craig, Derrick and I.

Best advice I haven’t gotten over this year through our journey is to keep things normal leading in to big races.  In the past I would write down on the blog the goal I want out of the race, but now I have come to realize that it’s best kept secret between myself and maybe Derrick if he is lucky.

If all goes well I let you know what it was on Monday.  But most of all I’m pretty excited to be racing my bike again and get this opportunity to race for Canada at the World Champs.  No matter what happens in the race, if I feel like I dug into the pain cave deep enough and have spit and snot all over my face while racing, then after the race at the finish line there will be a slight grin in my messed up state.  The effort I will be looking for is the same effort I had at day 1 at the USGP in Kentucky this past October.  If you get a chance, just watch that day and fast forward to the 5 seconds after I cross the finish line.  I was wrecked and on the ground with dust all over my face, I think I was even saying wierd things in a dilarous state.  That race was the hardest I have ever gone during racing and the result speaks for it.  If I could have a repeat of that effort again that would be fantastic.

Derrick and I will post a few more times before World’s but try and keep things normal as much as we can.  We’ll update you on what Germany is like, what the course is like and any other random stuff.

Now I must go pack…………wondering how much warm clothes I will need and what undershirts to bring.


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Who the heck is Rendall?

This is the question from most people/fans in our latest travels in Europe.  Well for those of you who don’t know I thought I would leave a pic.  Here’s the man who’s behind the team that has been in existence for many years and we have recently joined to add more fire power to an already strong team of past national champions in various disciplines of cycling.

Find out more about our new team here:



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Derrick’s take:

Should have been called, boogerheide, cause that’s what I had running down the side of my face, my legs, boogers.  Also describes the way I felt…hah.  Wasn’t as good for me as it could have been, and when you get that, plus lots of mud, plus a World Cup, well…hey it’s the World Cup.

Tasha’s take:

A little bit more sensible, ha ha.  Better than World’s on the course 2 years ago but obviously still want a lot better out of myself.  But I’m happy.  I came here this year to get a taste on a very short trip, on new equipment with new sponsors and after not racing (just training) for 6 weeks in hopes when I come next year with the same sponsors and equipment it will be better than great.  This was a year to get back into racing and if I could sum it up after having 6 months to deal with a pretty severe illness which entailed no training for that time, I’d have to say there has been lots of ups and downs, and I and others have been really hard on myself.  How do you go from winning lots of races to only having a few wins in one year and a lot of so so results.

Even if I know where I was in July (first day on the bike in months) to now, I do forget and just want my body to better than it was before.  Sure enough I’ve had some days like that this year, but then followed it by the next weekend with so, so results.  But the remembering of  no matter how bad things are going racing it’s not anywhere as bad as the feeling of not being able to get out of bed in the morning.  Baby steps.

So more on the race….Today my start was better than last weeks WC race off the plane, got where I wanted to be then bam someone went left to right in the first mud section and pinned me on the fence.  So much for a good start today as people were in my way for the next lap and then I started to get going, but… challenge was two bikes with slightly similar problems when I went to pit as my bike was weighed down in mud.  One was my fault for not riding it before the race and checking it was “A” ok but something was rubbing.  The other bike was awesome until someone slammed into me and bent my front derailer.  After getting it back clean I couldn’t shift down from big to little for the last two laps but didn’t want to pit for a sub par second bike.  All well, I did what I could and fought my way up to top 20 numerous of times only to either jam my chain or flip it over the front chain lots of times and then get passed by the same girls I just got rid of for them to hold me up again in the next technical corner.

I did have a lot of fun and felt like I gave what I could.  I was happy with the performance, just not really the circumstances.  The course was heavy and we didn’t pre-ride on Saturday leaving only a couple laps today to do.  Wish I did a bit more as towards the end I was getting use to what was fast to do in certain sections and what wasn’t but it was bit too late and the mechanical issues were hurting me more than I could make up for.  It caused me to run a few sections that I was riding before as the mud was thick and there was no way I could power through it in my big chain ring!

We’d like to thank the great support staff we had, each week it’s getting bigger and better (Luc VDB, Gregg and the Chainstay gang).  All the Master’s from North America along the course cheering loud was great, along with the CCA staff and the young guns from the Canadian National team (Ben and Yohan) who I must say had some really strong rides themselves for there first WC’s ever (I think).  Karl H. also had a really strong day and should be proud leading into World’s.

So that’s where were at, one week to dial things in a little bit more, head to Germany on Thursday and get use to the environment and course.  After the short trip, get the learning done, fly home and take a little break, then prep for the next year to get one step better than where we leave from next weekend.  But all in all lay down with what we have at each and every race no matter what the circumstances are!

Greatest part of the day was with the help of Gabby Day, Rick Lister and Dan Ellmore. I got a ride to the race in a sweet camper.  Thanks guys for letting me tag along.

Thanks to Luc VDM. for some more great pics.

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